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Upsilon was founded in 2014 in New York City by Marcelo Zimmler. A family business with a global outlook, Upsilon has expanded over the past 7 years to include outposts in London and Miami. The gallery presents the work of artists who have been instrumental in shaping its identity over the past years, and who are the inspiration for Upsilon’s diverse range of activities that engage with art, publishing, scholarship, and technology. Upsilon Gallery specializes in international postwar and contemporary art with a mission to feature a variety of innovative perspectives and approaches, with a focus on rediscovering overlooked artists within a historical scope. We are proud to provide a content-rich platform for a balanced audience of novice and seasoned collectors, ensuring a critically engaging, yet approachable and friendly atmosphere.

Since its founding, Upsilon has strived and succeeded at offering a distinct point of view, one that is informed not by the whims of the market but by the rigors of scholarship and the drive to innovate. Upsilon is a true multimedia company embracing new technologies to deliver the highest level of service across the physical and digital channels. A leading fine print publisher, Upsilon collaborates with top printing ateliers to introduce new voices to the art printing canon.

Today, Upsilon has four locations worldwide including office spaces in London, Miami and two galleries in New York – its headquarters at 23 East 67th Street, which accommodates 6-8 shows on an annual basis, and a private “by appointment only” space at 146 West 57th Street, which revolves around the gallery’s established fine print publishing program.